The mission of Zen Health & Wellness is to help as many people as we can to live a healthier, more productive life, free from unnecessary drugs and surgery. We provide natural strategies and lifestyle support to help achieve your highest health potential. We honor the body’s innate healing ability and strive to educate our clients and the community so they may in turn help others live a better life


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Anthony Schifano, Owner

N.D., HHP, FLT Certified, AADP Board Certified, American Naturopathic Medical Board Certified, American Academy of Traumatic Stress Counseling / American Counseling Association



Anthony Schifano began his journey in Health & Wellness many years ago, upon graduating Nassau Community college with a Degree in Respiratory Therapy. He continued his education in the field of Massage Therapy. TodayAnthony is the owner of Zen Health & Wellness, Inc. Anthony is a Reiki Master Practitioner, teaches Reiki at Zen Reiki Center. He has achieved his certification in Nutrition and Personal Training. Anthony is an active member of the American Association of Drugless Practitioners, International Association of Trauma Professionals and the American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress.

Anthony also practices homeophatic energy medicine and hyperbaric medicine technology. As a Naturopathic Doctor, he is an active member of the Fibromyalgia Board, and the American Naturophathic Medical Board. It is his belief that every individual is treated with the highest care to help them reach their goal of well-being. Shamanic Healer with the Four Winds Society


Carol Ferraro DiMarco, Co-Owner

I have been an entrepreneur for well over 20 years, women-owned business, was awarded best small business for Staten Island, help others to start their own business to give them direction and what to focus on. To empower other women by figuring out where the niche is and set their goals, give support and encouragement.

*Spiritual mentor ; From business to finding your inner peace

*Reiki Master/ Teacher: love helping others to heal and to teach them to give the power for them to heal others. Teacher with Zen Reiki Center

*Certified Holistic Health Practitioner

*Aromatherapy Certified: 8 essential oils along the meridians to help detox the body

*EFT Therapist – tapping solution

*Herbal Consultant mother earth has given us all the tools to let heal us our own bodies

*Medical Marijuana Program run the program for Dr. Siddiqi healing all age groups it is helping so many


Gabriela DeRosa, Manager 

Specializes in swedish, deep tissue, and lymphatic drainage massage, specifically for increasing range of motion and flushing the lymphatic system. After graduating from SUNY Stony Brook with a B.S. in Biology and Spanish, she attended the College of Health Professions to receive her associates in Massage Therapy. There she grew efficient in different massage techniques which include; Swedish, deep, pre and post-natal, sports massage, thai massage, and tui-na. Post graduate studies and education include certifications in complete decongestive therapy or manual lymph drainage and medical massage.  She also is a certified pre and post-natal massage therapist. 

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Christine DiStasio


Violet Alchemy: A system of multi-dimensional healing or energy healing using the Violet Fires of transmutation to resolve and balance Karma and your present emotional and mental psychology within the Human Energy Field creates whole health for the benefit of body, heart, mind and spirit

Reiki Practioner